Anger Management

Increasingly clients come for help with anger difficulties. They find it hard to moderate their responses and their outbursts cause problems at work and within relationships. While I use traditional CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) strategies to help people cope with these overwhelming feelings, I think it is very important to first examine closely the context of each individual, in order to find out how this way of responding was learned.

Relationship-oriented therapy offers a trustworthy, stable, reliable environment in which to come closer to the feelings underlying these maladaptive responses. Once awareness can grow within a safe context, clients can find better ways for dealing with their own feelings and thought processes and consequently develop better strategies for contact with others.

Hence it will be useful to look at anger in family behaviours and previous relationships to gain insight into why and how it became necessary for this person to react as they do. Only then will it be useful to explore better ways of tackling these sensitive issues differently, changing perceptions gradually, finding more elegant solutions

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