Opinions on the cause of depression vary and consequently so do treatment methods. As an Integrative Psychotherapist, I take a middle position in the 'nature versus nurture' debate (S.Pinker, O.James). The position taken in this debate by the therapist is important, as it influences how they interact with other health professionals, doctors and alternative health practitioners alike. And of course it also influences how they interact with the client. For more information on the 'nature versus nurture' debate you may wish to read 'A Devil's Chaplain' by Richard Dawkins and/or 'Nature via Nurture' by Matt Ridley.

I believe that although there may be a genetic component to some people feeling extremely sad and dispirited and for whom life is a constant struggle, these feelings of deep unhappiness and despair are more often traceable to environmental issues rather than a fixed psychological predisposition. It is a normal reaction to how they have been made to feel welcome in their world - or not!

I feel that it can be useful for some people to take medication for a while. But unless they are willing to look at and work on the underlying issues, and develop more appropriate strategies, the depression is likely to return once they stop taking medication. And nobody wants to take pills forever.

In each case, the individual strategy varies and my intention is always to listen to each individual client and respond to where they are at the particular time at which we meet. My workplaces are close to Oxford St and South Bank - hence offer immediate exploration of very different kinds of enjoyment.

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